Farah Rumy new member of the Federal Parliament from Canton of Solothurn

Farah Rumy new member of the Federal Parliament from Canton of Solothurn

The SP of the Canton of Solothurn is very pleased with the election of Franziska Roth to the Council of States. Farah Rumy will therefore succeed Franziska Roth as Federal Parliamentarian. Farah Rumy is a member of the cantonal parliament, a member of the cantonal justice commission and the first female federal parliamentarian with roots in Sri Lanka.


Farah Rumy (31) acquired her Swiss federal diploma as a certified healthcare specialist HF and then continued her further education to become a healthcare expert. She then worked as an expert in interventional cardiology. She is currently working as a lecturer at the Baselland Campus for Health Education and lives in Grenchen. She is Co-President of the Aargau/Solothurn section of the Association for Healthcare Personnel (SBK). As a healthcare professional and lecturer, she has proven her political expertise and excels in the areas of healthcare and healthcare education. Her professional political commitment during the vote for the healthcare initiative gave her the greatest political impetus and momentum. Farah Rumy also serves as president of Restessbar Grenchen, a non-profit charity organization in the city of Grenchen that helps reduce food waste. Farah Rumy has been a cantonal parliamentarian and civil councilor in Grenchen since 2021. She is currently co-president of the SP Migrants Canton Solothurn and a member of the Grenchen Naturalization Commission. With her recent election to the Federal Parliament, she is the first person with Sri Lankan roots to be elected to the federal parliament. The SP Canton of Solothurn is proud that Farah Rumy, a committed and competent personality, will now represent the population of the Canton of Solothurn in the national parliament.


Fabian Müller, Party Secretary

Further information:            

Farah Rumy, Federal Parliamentarian, 0041 79 552 04 28, farah.rumy@sp-so.ch

Hardy Jäggi, Co-President, 0041 79 525 45 65, hardy.jaeggi@sp-so.ch

Nadine Voegeli, Co-President, 0041 79 919 92 87, nadine.voegeli@sp-so.ch


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